W.D. Mohammed

Who Are The Jewels Of Islam?

The Jewels of Islam is a supportive network/ program for women 50 years and older. It has a distinctive Islamic orientation. While emphasizing Islam as the focal point, the program however provides activities that are beneficial to any older adult women. Membership is open to all women within the age specified.
Monthly meetings are held at The Islamic Center of Ewing but also at various locations on a rotating basis the 3rd Saturday of the Month.
The network of active members and volunteers, provide a mutual support system to check on one another, give assistance, transportation, meals, and visits to the sick or hospitalized.

Mission Statement

It is the Niyat (intentions) of The Jewels of Islam that by the Mercy and Help of Allah (SWT) that we meet to comply with the basic institution for our Iman and Deen: to make an effort to provide an environment in which the spiritual, social and recreational needs of older women are addressed.

  • To maintain a weekly telephone network
  • To maintain a visiting committee for our sick and homebound
  • To have fundraisers throughout the year for housing and program expenses.
  • Schedule Monthly speakers
  • To establish communication for frail and homebound members
  • To establish housing for older adults
  • Network with older women in other areas and to assist in establishing
    Jewels of Islam programs in other areas
  • Provide a source for ongoing information on Islamic topics and issues
    for older adult women